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Nov 14, 2012 6:00am EST
reported to be in critical condition. yes, we are in front of johns hopkins bayview medical center where the woman was brought here just a few hours ago after fire broke out at her home. take a look at this video that we shot earlier this morning. that fire broke out about 1:00 this morning at 20 blake court in reisterstown. when the crews arrived the home were was fully engulfed in flames on the first and second floors. they found a woman in her 60s on the second floor. she was brought here to bayview burn center with severe burns. we're told over 50% of her body is burned and she's reported to be in critical condition. now, it took about an hour for crews to put out this fire. it was actually under control at about 2:20 and then they sort of worked on the hot spots for just a little bit. now, firefighters actually helped battle this fire and basically crews on the scene told me that once they pulled up they heard the smoke detectors going off in the basement area. so they feel that smoke detectors did work in this home. right now they do not have a cause of the fire, pu fire investigat
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
-- john -- sherrie johnson is here with more on the former trooper who says he is not a hero but people in the store argue that. >> reporter: job appelby retire from the maryland state police july 1st but when he ended up in the wrong place at the right time he proved he is willing to protect and serve. on friday he went into action unarmed when he walked into the middle of a robbery at his neighborhood convenience store just after 10 a.m. he didn't know the owner of the chrome dairy and deli told the robber she had more cash in the back. she was stalling waiting for police to arrive. 13 of his 28 years on the job he spent on the special tactical assault team so he had a plan. once he was in the back along with the cashier, another customer and the robber e. made his move. -- he made his move. >> i wanted somebody to be on the right side of the door and us on the left so when the robber came in he had to divert his attention and he came in and looked at the other guy and mow and looked to see where lata was and when he did the pistol what is out and i took it. >> the suspect got away with
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2